Halina Pyta

Halina Pyta
PhD, Assistant Professor
+48 32 271 64 81, ext. 215
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scientific interests:

Issues related to air protection against pollution, monitoring and air quality management, mainly in the area of ​​Upper Silesia. In the center of interest - research on various forms of atmospheric mercury using dedicated methods of instrumental analysis (on-line measurements) and laboratory techniques (in-situ measurements). In addition, tests for the presence of mercury in rooms, at workplaces, in waste gases from industrial processes (e.g. from the coal coking process) or emitted in an unorganized manner, e.g. from burning dumps, in samples of contaminated soil, in some raw materials, products or solid waste ( e.g. coal, ash, gypsum, municipal waste).

Laboratory (I created a Hg analysis laboratory at IPIŚ PAN), I was able to apply the developed research methods to measurements related to Hg emissions from industry (Hg in Silesian coking plants), to assess the Hg contaminated zone around the chloralkali plant, or Hg emissions from a burning dump (mine dump ). The combination of research and application work allowed me to gain experience in field work.



Institute of Environmental Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Zabrze

41-819 Zabrze, ul. M. Skłodowskiej-Curie 34
tel.: +48 32 271 64 81
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e-mail: ipis@ipispan.edu.pl
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