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Zakład Ochrony Wód i Gospodarki Wodami




  • prof. dr hab. inż. Michał Bodzek
    tel. +48 32 271 64 81,


  • dr inż. Eligiusz Kowalski
    tel. +48 32 271 64 81, wew. 231


  • dr inż. Malwina Tytła
    tel. +48 32 271 64 81, wew. 135,


  • mgr inż. Joanna Kernert
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  • mgr inż. Alina Pohl
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Publikacje naukowe Zakładu Ochrony Wód i Gospodarki Wodami



Statutory works:

Transport and transformations of pollutants in the water environment. Tasks for 2005--2010, leader Maciej Kostecki:

· Oxygen relations, balance and transformations of nitrogen and phosphorus in the conditions of a water basin reclaimed by means of the selective hypolimnetic withdrawal (the case of Pławniownice Lake)

· Effect of the preceding retention basin Słupsko on water quality in reclaimed Pławniowice Lake

· Presence and transformations of selected specific pollutants in the water environment


Projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education:

· Conditions for the multi-purpose application of the hydrodynamic disintegration in the two-stage sediment fermentation. R1401603, 2007--2010, leader Jan Suschka

· Recovery of ammonia nitrogen from wastewater by means of the precipitation method. N523 374133, 2007--2010, leader Eligiusz Kowalski

· Role of suspensions in the transport of heavy metals in flowing surface waters-- a case study of the Kłodnica River. N523 413135, 2008--2010, leader Witold Nocoń

· Optimization of processes of phosphorus recovery from wastewater. 4T09D00723, 2002--2004, leader Eligiusz Kowalski

· Dynamic properties of continuous biomass cultivation in the presence of inhibiting heavy metals. 3 TO9C01814, 1998--2000, leader Jerzy Mazierski


Special project:

Dam reservoir management and protection integrated support system. The project supported by the Ministry of Regional Development


Other works:

· Removal of biogenic substances from water and wastewater by using biological and chemical methods

· Influence of inhibitors on biological processes--e.g., on growth rate of biomass and reaction kinetics

· Protection and reclamation of water reservoirs:

- Functioning of water ecosystems under differentiated anthropopression

- Transformations of nitrogen and phosphorus in anthropogenic water reservoirs--the intra-reservoir enrichment

- Hydro-chemistry of surface water

- Atmospheric precipitation as element of anthropopression in contamination of water reservoirs

- Intra-reservoir transport of pollutants in anthropogenic water reservoirs, including:

      • Role of suspensions in the transport of pollutants
      • Role of biomass in the intra-reservoir transport of pollutants
      • Dependence between granulation and pollutant content in bottom sediment; pollution stratigraphy
      • Effect of water movements on dislocation of pollutants (heavy metals, PAH, BTEX, phenols, radioisotopes)
      • Effect of a sequentially built up river bed on dislocation of pollutants

- Balance of contamination as indicator of effects of a reservoir on quality of water resources



· Reclamation of acidified Nakło-Chechło Lake by using dolomite

· Reclamation of Pławniowice Lake by means of the selective hypolimnetic withdrawal

· Transformation of the feeding system of Dzierżno Małe Lake to improve water quality

· Reclamation of the excavation left by the sand mine „Kotlarnia" by turning it into water reservoir (1040 ha)

· Launching of the station for preparing technological water for the power plant "Rybnik"; investigations of the water reservoir Rybnik


Cooperation with industry:

· Update to the project of the zones: sanitary for the water uptakes Goczałkowice and Strumień and protective for Goczałkowice Lake. Ordered by Górnośląskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów S.A., Katowice 2009

· Hydro-chemical and hydro-biological examinations of water quality and monitoring of the phenomena occurring in Rybnik Lake. Ordered by Elektrownia „Rybnik" S.A., 2002--2010

· Study on possibility of revitalization of Paprocany Lake relative to the Gostynka River water resources. Ordered by the town of Tychy, Tychy 2008

· Project of reclamation by flooding for the excavation left by the sand mine "Kotlarnia". Ordered by Kopalnia Piasku „Kotlarnia" S.A., 2005

· Estimation of water quality in Nakło-Chechło Lake; identification of the sources of disastrous water acidification and measures to establish the ion balance to prevent negative effects of acidotrophy. Ordered by the Provincial Fund For Environmental Protection and Water Management in Katowice 2003

· Determination of levela of heavy metals, radioisotopes and organic substances in water and bottom sediments of the Kłodnica River-Gliwice Canal transport system to find possibilities and ways for the bottom sediment utilization. Ordered by the Provincial Fund For Environmental Protection and Water Management in Katowice, 2002



· Analyses of water, wastewater and bottom sediment for their physical, chemical and biogenic properties, content of heavy metals and organic pollutants

· Monitoring of the water environment in anthropogenic water reservoirs

· Development of methods for the water environment reclamation and optimization of wastewater treatment processes

· Development of the documentation required in support of applying for a water use license to establish water reservoir protection zones

· Development of the documentation necessary for receiving a sewage discharge consent

· Assessment of impacts of industrial projects on the water environment for the purposes of water resources management and sewage disposal

· Reports on environmental effects of industrial utilities

Consultancy in sewage disposal and water supply 

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