38th International Symposium on Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants Dioxin 2018 & 10th International PCB Workshop 26 – 31 August 2018, Kraków, Poland.


General topics

  • Analytics
  • Combustion, burning, fires, incineration and other sources
  • Environmental distribution, biomonitoring and levels
  • Environmental transport and fate
  • Exposure
  • Formation, emission, control and cleanup technologies
  • Levels in human foods and animal feeds
  • Risk assessment, management and epidemiology
  • Toxicology and biochemistry

Dioxins & dl-compounds: brominated-, chlorinated- and mixed;
PCBs & PCNs; Pesticides and biocides; Halogenated PAHs and PAHs;
Brominated and other flame retardants; Perfluoralkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances;
Indoor air quality; Natural halogenated compounds; POPs & pseudo-POPs;

Metalorganic contaminants; Chlorinated paraffins; Pharmaceuticals;
Bio-detectors for chemical safety of foods, feeds, environment & human;
Endocrine disrupting contaminants; Organosilicon compounds

Workshop & Special Sessions

  • PCB Workshop
  • Special Symposia
  • How Progresses in Industrial Technology Fight POP Pollution
  • Environmental Persistence, Analytics and Risk of Pharmaceuticals

Chair: Prof. Jerzy Falandysz
Co-chair: Prof. Larry Robertson

Kraków Congress Centre & Auditorium Maximum