Archives of Environmental Protection VOL 34 3/2008

  • Less Commonly Used Membrane Desalination Technologies – Brian Bolto, Manh Hoang, Thuy Tran ... 5 [summary]
  • Effects of Pinus Massonian Plantations on Soil Macroarthropods in Degraded Ultisol, Subtropical China – Chengchen Ding, Feng Hu, Jing Zhou, Zhihong Cao, Huixin Li, Zhengkai Dai ... 17 [summary]
  • Evidence for Methyl Nitrate as an Exhaust Component from Engines with Certain Fuels – Peter M. Joseph ... 21 [summary]
  • Levels of Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-Dioxins and Dibenzofurans in Dust and Air from Lublin – Aneta Duda, Jacek Czerwiński ... 33 [summary]
  • Leaching of PAHs from Fly Ash – Sludge Blends – Czesława Rosik-Dulewska, Urszula Karwaczyńska, Tomasz Ciesielczuk ... 41 [summary]
  • Characterization of the Biomethanization Process in Selected Waste Mixtures – Agnieszka Montusiewicz, Magdalena Lebiocka, Małgorzata Pawłowska ... 49 [summary]
  • Influence of Ozonation on Leachate Quality from Landfills with Different Degrees of Solid Waste Pre-Treatment – Magdalena Lebiocka, Agnieszka Montusiewicz, Małgorzata Pawłowska, Janusz Ozonek, Ewa Szkutnik, Marcin Rosłan ... 63 [summary]
  • Application of Fibrous Ion Exchangers for Removal of Heavy Metals from Sewage – Henryk Wasąg ... 71 [summary]
  • The Influence of Thiuram on the Mobility of Heavy Metals in Soils – Barbara Jankiewicz, Dorota Adamczyk ... 83 [summary]
  • Contamination of Soils with Heavy Metals in Region of Łódź – Anna Turek, Jacek Krystek, Wojciech Wolf, J. Kubicki ... 91 [summary]
  • Co-Fermentation of Sewage Sludge and Waste from Oil Production – Katarzyna Bernat, Andrzej Białowiec, Irena Wojnowska-Baryła ... 103 [summary]
  • The Effect of Mechanical Pretreatment of Municipal Solid Waste on its Potential in Gas Production – Andrzej Białowiec, Katarzyna Bernat, Irena Wojnowska-Baryła, Marek Agopsowicz ... 115 [summary]
  • Application of the TDR Method for the Measurement of Moisture in Degraded Soil Enriched with Biona-312 Substrate – Mariola Chomczyńska, Zbigniew Suchorab ... 125 [summary]
  • Completing Missing Data in Air Monitoring Stations Using Diurnal Courses of Regional Pollution Concentrations – Szymon Hoffman, Rafał Jasiński ... 133 [summary]
  • Sorption Process for Migration Reduction of Pesticides from Graveyards – Katarzyna Ignatowicz ... 143 [summary]
  • Relationship between Phosphorus Distribution and Major Components in the Bottom Sediments of the Solina-Myczkowce Reservoirs – Lilianna Bartoszek, Janusz A. Tomaszek ... 151 [summary]
  • Possibilities of the Agricultural Use of Decoctions from the Alcohol-Distilling Industry – Beata Rutkowska, Wiesław Szulc, Jan Łabętowicz, Anna Gutowska ... 163 [summary]
  • Pathways of Polychlorinated Dibezothiophenes (PCDTs) in the Environment – Jacek Czerwiński ... 169 [summary]
  • Methanotrophic Activity of Coalbed Rocks from “Bogdanka” Coal Mine (South-East Poland) – Zofia Stępniewska, Anna Pytlak ... 183 [summary]
  • Accumulation of N-NH4 and N-NO3 in Pine under Conditions of Nitrogen Stress – Apolonia Ostrowska, Grażyna Porębska ... 193 [summary]
  • The Application of Spent Ion Exchangers as K-Carriers in Restoration of Degraded Soils – Model Studies – Magdalena Zdeb, Mariola Chomczyńska, Vladimir S. Soldatov, Lucjan Pawłowski ... 201 [summary]
  • Sediment Samples from the Dobczyce Dam Reservoir (Southern Poland) – Mariusz Macherzyński, Witold Reczyński, J. Sanecki, Jerzy Górecki, Janusz Gołaś ... 211 [summary]
  • Possible Recycling of Spent Filter Backwash – Marina Valentukeviciene ... 223 [summary]
  • Impact of Activated Sludge Flocs Properties after Sonication in Relation with Heavy Metal Uptake – Julien Laurent, M. Casellas, Christophe Dagot ... 229 [summary]
  • Commercial Penta-BDE Mixtures in Dust Samples from Indoor Environments in Lublin, Poland – a Case Study – Amelia Staszowska, Bernard Połednik, Marzenna R. Dudzińska, Jacek Czerwiński ... 239 [summary]
  • Effect of Chemical Stabilisation of Sewage Sludge on the Fate of PAHs – Ewa Wiśniowska ... 249 [summary]
  • Preparation of Wastewater Samples for GC-MS Analysis of PAHs – Maria Włodarczyk-Makuła ... 259 [summary]
  • Environmental Factors Affecting the Biomethanization Process – Agnieszka Montusiewicz ... 265 [summary]
  • The Number and Size of Samples Required to Measure the Saprobe Population at Various Pollutant Concentrations in Sewage – Grzegorz Łagód, Henryk Sobczuk ... 281 [summary]
  • Variability of the Non-methane Volatile Organic Compounds (NMVOC) Composition in Biogas from Sorted and Unsorted Landfill Material – Małgorzata Pawłowska, Jacek Czerwiński, Witold Stępniewski ... 287 [summary]
  • Characteristics of Microbial Communities in Biomethanization Processes – Agnieszka Rożej, Agnieszka Montusiewicz, Magdalena Lebiocka ... 299 [summary]


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