Archives of Environmental Protection VOL 36 3/2010

vol 36 nr 3 [full text]

  • Removal of Direct Dyes from Wastewater by Sorption onto Smectite-Clay – Joanna Kyzioł-Komosińska, Czesława Rosik-Dulewska, Magdalena Pająk, Marcin Jarzyna [summary]
  • Biomass Yield in Porous Ceramic Carriers for Municipal Wastewater Treatment - Magdalena Zielińska, Irena Wojnowska-Baryła [summary]
  • Kinetics of Dairy Wastewater Treatment in the SBR System – Mariusz Wojnicz, Anna M. Anielak [summary]
  • Disinfection Byproducts Precursors Removal from Dam Reservoir Water – Jolanta Gumińska, Marcin Kłos, Anna Pawłowska [summary]
  • Landfill Leachate Treatment Using Constructed Wetland with Short Detention Time – Włodzimierz A. Wójcik [summary]
  • Ensuring Permeable Reactive Barrier Efficacy and Longevity – Tomasz Suponik [summary]
  • Observations of Selected Chemical Components of Meromictic Lake Zapadłe Waters in 1990–1993, 2000–2001 and 2005–2006 – Renata Tandyrak, Mariusz Teodorowicz, Jolanta Grochowska [summary]
  • Impact of the Small Water Reservoir Psurów on the Quality and Flows of the Prosna River – Mirosław Wiatkowski [summary]
  • The Influence of Urban Green Waste Compost on the Physical Quality of Soil Exposed to Erosion – Jan Paluszek [summary]
  • Pyrometallurgical Slags in Upper and Lower Silesia (Poland): From Environ¬mental Risks to Use of Slag-Based Products – A Review – Jakub Kierczak, Hubert Bril, Catherine Neel, Jacek Puziewicz [summary]
  • On-Site and Model Tests of Suspended Matter Sedimentation in Mine Water Settling Tank of the Ziemowit Coal Mine – Beata Jabłońska [summary]


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