Archives of Environmental Protection VOL 37 4/2011

  • Compost as Biosorbent for Removal of Acid Dyes from the Wastewater Generated by the Textile Industry – Joanna Kyzioł-Komosińska, Czesława Rosik-Dulewska, Agnieszka Dzieniszewska, Magdalena Pająk ...3 [summary] [text] [tekst]
  • Toxicity of Sulcotrione Photoproducts Mixture Towards Vibrio Fischeri in the Aquatic Environment – Jarosław Wiszniowski, Alexandra Ter Halle, Claire Richard, Frederique Bonnemoy, Jacques Bohatier ...15 [summary] [text]
  • The Influence of Organic Matter Quality on the Potential of Volatile Organic Water Chlorination Products Formation – Agnieszka Włodyka-Bergier, Tomasz Bergier. ...25 [summary] [text] [tekst]
  • Effect of the Co-Inoculation of Lucerne (Medicago Sativa L.) with Sinorhizobium Meliloti and Herbaspirillum Frisingense in Relation to the Interactions Between Bacterial Strain – Alicja Niewiadomska, Dorota Swędrzyńska ...37 [summary] [text]
  • Migration of Various Chemical Compounds in Soil Solution During Inducted Phytoremediation – Krzysztof Fijałkowski, Karolina Rosikoń, Anna Grobelak, Malgorzata Kacprzak ...49 [summary] [text] [tekst]
  • PCBs and Heavy Metals in Water and Bottom Sediments of the Kozłowa Góra Dam Reservoir – Agata Rosińska, Lidia Dąbrowska ...61 [summary] [text] [tekst]
  • Effectiveness of Oil Derivatives Removal From Stormwater Treated by the Experimental Constructed Wetland Beds in Semi-Technical Scale – Tomasz Bergier ...75 [summary] [text] [tekst]
  • Cadmium and Copper Toxicity Assessment in Activated Sludge Using TTC Bioassay – Anna Małachowska-Jutsz, Konrad Matyja, Aleksandra Ziembińska ...85 [summary] [text]
  • Contents of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Compounds in Groundwaters of Selected Forest Associations in the Słowiński National Park – Agnieszka Parzych ...95 [summary] [text] [tekst]
  • Performance Prediction of Ultrafiltration Treatment of Post-Process Coke Wastewater Based on the Assumptions of Hydraulic Filtration Resistance Model – Karolina Mielczarek, Jolanta Bohdziewicz ...107 [summary] [text] [tekst]


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