Archives of Environmental Protection VOL 39 2/2013

  • Physico-Chemical Parameters Determining the Variability of Actually and Potentially Available Fractions of Heavy Metals in Fluvial Sediments of the Middle Odra River - Aleksandra Ibragimow, Barbara Walna, Marcin Siepak... 3 [text]
  • Photocatalytic, Sonolytic and Sonophotocatalytic Degradation of 4-Chloro-2-Nitro Phenol - Anoop Verma, Harmanpree tKaur, Divya Dixit... 17 [text]
  • Modelling of Pollution Transport with Sediment on the Example of the Widawa River - Robert Kasperek, Marian Mokwa, Mirosław Wiatkowski... 29 [text]
  • Hexavalent Chromium Accumulation by Microscopic Fungi - Anna Hołda... 45 [text]
  • Effects of the Solubilisation of the Cod of Municipal Waste in Thermal Disintegration -Sylwia Myszograj... 57 [text]
  • Effect of Hydraulic Retention Time and Filling Time on Simultaneous Biodegradation of Phenol, Resorcinol and Catechol in a Sequencing Batch Reactor – Chandrakant Thakur, IndraDeo Mall, Vimal Chandra Srivastava... 69 [text]
  • Diversity of Vascular Flora of Waste Dumps and Dumping Grounds in Lower Silesia – Anna Koszelnik-Leszek, Magda Podlaska, Klara Tomaszewska... 81 [text]
  • Comparison of Landfill Leachate Treatment Efficiency Using the Advanced Oxidation Processes – Barbara Pieczykolan, IzabelaPłonka, Krzysztof Barbusiński, Magdalena Amalio-Kosel... 107 [text]
  • Phytotoxicity of Sodium Chloride Towards Common Duckweed (Lemna Minor L.) and Yellow Lupin (Lupinus Luteus L.) – ŁukaszSikorski,Agnieszka I. Piotrowicz –Cieślak, Barbara Adomas... 117 [text]
  • Biosorption of Pb(II) and Zn(II) by Extracellular Polymeric Substance (Eps) of Rhizobium Radiobacter: Equilibrium, Kinetics and Reuse Studies – Lili Wang, Jixian Yang, Zhonglin Chen, Xiaowei Liu, Fang Ma... 129 [text]
  • The Investigation of Mercury Contents in Polish Coal Samples – Michał Wichliński, Rafał Kobyłecki, Zbigniew Bis... 141 [text]


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