Archives of Environmental Protection 3/2022

Preliminary analysis of the state of residual municipal waste management technology in Poland along with the identification of waste treatment processes in terms of odor emissions. Marcin Pawnuk, Bartosz Szulczyński, Emilia den Boer, Izabela Sówka

Mobile forms vs the total content of thallium in activated sludge. Joanna Zembrzuska, Karbowska Bożena, Włodzimierz Zembrzuski

 Study on the purification capacity of rain garden paving structures for rainfall runoff pollutants. Weijia Liu, Qingbao Pei, Wenbiao Dong, Pengfan Chen

Simultaneous removal of phenol and Cu(II) from wastewater by tallow dihydroxyethyl betaine modified bentonite. Xiangyang Hu, Bao Wang, Gengsheng Yan, Bizhou Ge

Procedure for detoxication of linuron contaminated soil based on ozonation and fluidization process. Radosław Józefczyk, Piotr Antos, Marcin Pieniążek, Maciej Balawejder

Biomass and wind energy as sources of renewable energy for a more sustainable environment in Indonesia: A review. Erdiwansyah Erdiwansyah, Asri Gani, Rizalman Mamat, Mahidin Mahidin, K. Sudhakar, S.M Rosdi, Husni Husin

Application of response surface methodology to improve methane production from Jerusalem artichoke straw. Yan Meng, Yi Li, Laisheng Chen, Rui Han

Baseline study in environmental risk assessment: site-specific model development and application. Asifa Alam, Adeel Mahmood, M. Nawaz Chaudhry, Sajid Ahmad, Noor Safa, Huda Alghamdi, Heba Alhamdi

A review on advances and perspectives of glyphosate determination: challenges and opportunities. Kumsal Kocadal, Fehmi Alkas, Dilek Battal, Sahan Saygi

Three months of “Cumbre Vieja” – analysis of consequences of volcano eruption. Andrzej Mazur

Application of the FAPPS system based on the CALPUFF model in short-term air pollution forecasting in Krakow and Lesser Poland. Jolanta Godłowska, Kamil Kaszowski, Wiesław Kaszowski


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