Archives of Environmental Protection 4/2022

Petroleum Hydrocarbon contamination assessment and characterization of three quagmire soils in the Gassi El Agreb oil field (Hassi Messaoud, Algeria).

Samia  Kout, Abdessemed Ala, Mohamed  Seddik  Oussama  Belahmadi, Amina Hassaine, Ouahiba Bordjiba, Ali Tahar

Threshold Effect of Economic Growth on Domestic Waste Production: evidence from China. Li Yang, Hong-Yan Wang, Lan Yi, Xiang-Zhen Shi, Wei Deng

Comparative effectiveness of biochar derived from tropical feedstocks on the adsorption for ammonium, nitrate and phosphate. Ganghua Zou, Ying Shan, Minjie Dai, Xiaoping Xin, Muhammad Nawaz, Fengliang Zhao

WWTP effluent treatment with ultrafiltration with different mixed matrix nanocomposite membranes. Comparison of performance and fouling behavior. Gabriela Kamińska

Bioeffects of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) synthesized by producer of biosurfactant Bacillus subtilis strain: in vitro cytotoxicity, antioxidant properties and metabolic activities of mammalian cells. Joanna Małgorzata Chojniak-Gronek, Łukasz Jałowiecki, Grażyna Anna Płaza

Assessment of phosphogypsum waste use in plant nutrition. Kamila Stępień, Piotr Stępień, Urszula Piszcz, Zofia Spiak

Recycling of selected fraction of municipal solid waste as artificial soil substrate in support of the circular economy. Mohamed Alwaeli, Mohammad Alshawaf, Marta Klasik

An attempt to describe the correlation between granulometric structure and the concentration of speciated forms of phosphorus and selected metals in the bottom sediments of a thermally contaminated dam reservoir. Maciej Kostecki

Composition of norfloxacin-resistant bacteria and isolation of norfloxacin-degrading bacteria in subtropical aquaculture ponds in China. Lutian Mao, Lifen Chen, Xirui Wang, Zhongbao Xu,Hui Ouyang, Biyou Huang, Libin Zhou

Removal of microplastics in unit processes used in water and wastewater treatment: a review. Michał Bodzek, Pohl Alina


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