Archives of Environmental Protection 1/2023

Spatial-temporal heterogeneity and driving factors of water yield services in Citarum river basin unit, West Java, Indonesia. Irmadi Nahib, Wiwin Ambarwulan, Dewayany Sutrisno, Mulyanto Darmawan, Yatin Suwarno, Ati Rahadiati, Jaka Suryanta. Yosef Prihanto, Aninda W Rudiastuti, Yustisi Lumban Gaol

Ecotoxicological biotests as tools for continuous monitoring of water quality in dam reservoir. Mirosław Nakonieczny, Piotr Łaszczyca,  Maciej Kostecki

Performance and mechanism of Carrousel oxidation ditch and water spinach wetland combined process for water hyacinth (Pontederia crassipes) biogas slurry. Yaqin Yu, Xueyou Fang, Lanying Li, Yumeng Xu

Removal of Direct Orange 26 azo dye from water using natural carbonaceous materials. Krzysztof Kuśmierek, Lidia Dąbek, Andrzej Świątkowski

The new report of domestic wastewater treatment and bioelectricity generation using Dieffenbachia seguine constructed wetland coupling microbial fuel cell (CW-MFC). Pimprapa Chaijak,  Phachirarat Sola

Current status of phenolic pollution in urban lakes and its toxicity to cells--A case study of Xi'an, China. Min Wang, Yutong Zhang, Jingxin Sun, Chen Huang, Hongqin Zhai

Low waste technology for the removal of nitrates from waterInna TrusMukola GomelyaVita HalyshMariia TverdokhlibIryna MakarenkoTetiana PylypenkoYevhen ChuprinovDaniel BenatovHennadii Zaitsev

Environmental Impact Evaluation of Diesel Engine Fuelled With CNG. Neeraj Kumar , Bharat Bhushan Arora, Sagar Maji

Decomposition dynamics of cooking-oil-soaked waste paper in media with low inorganic nitrogen content. Tomasz Ciesielczuk, Czesława Rosik-Dulewska

The transformation and migration of contaminants during the remediation process of heterogeneous strata by the in–situ thermal conductive heating (TCH) technology: A literature review. Wei Ji, Rong–Bing Fu, Cai-Hong Gao,  Jia-

Recycling and household waste insight: the impact after four successive waves of the COVID-19 pandemic Study in Guelma city, North-East of Algeria. Amina Mesbahi-Salhi, Mohamed Kaizouri, Bachir El Mouaz Madoui, Wafa Rezaiguia, Zihad Bouslama


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