Archives of Environmental Protection 1/2024


Peganum Harmala plant as green non-toxic adsorbent for iron removal from water. Raiedhah Alsaiari, Iman Shedaiwa, Fatima Alqadri, Esraa Musa, Huda Alqahtani, Faiza Alkorbi. Norah Asaiari, Mervate Mohamed

The use of algae as carbon dioxide absorber in heat production industry. Paweł Kupczak, Sylwester Kulig

Analysis of the feasibility of using biopolymers of different viscosities as immobilisation carriers for laccase in synthetic dye removal. Małgorzata Białowąs, Beata Kończak, Stanisław Chałupnik, Joanna Kalka

The Trend of Changes in Soil Organic Carbon Content in Poland over Recent Years. Paulina Bogusz, Urszula Zimnoch, Marzena Sylwia Brodowska, Jacek Michalak

Alginate-laccase beads in the decolourization of indigo carmine. Małgorzata Białowąs, Beata Kończak, Stanisław Chałupnik, Joanna Kalka, Magdalena Cempa

Bibliometric and visual analysis of heavy metal health risk assessment: Development, hotspots and trends. Yingsen Zhang, Xinwei Lu, Sijia Deng, Tong Zhu, Bo Yu

Implementation of solidified carbon dioxide to anaerobic co-digestion of municipal sewage sludge and orange peel waste.  Aleksandra Szaja, Izabela Bartkowska

The effect of fermentation modes on the efficiency of organic waste treatment in batch bioreactors.  Vira Hovorukha

Numerical model for simulating the hydraulic parameters of the aeration system ensuring equal oxygenation of the compost heap. Robert Sidełko, Dariusz Boruszko

Analysis of cold island effect in city parks from the perspectives of maximum and cumulative values - a case study of Xi'an City. Yao Zhang, Qian Wang, Yaqian Kong, Jing Quan, Yuxin Zhang, Yongjian Zhang




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