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vol 33 nr 1

  • Measurements and Investigations of Emission of Dust and Gaseous Pollutants from Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers – Jan Konieczyński, Bogusław Komosiński ... 3 [summary]
  • Natural and Anthropogenical Threats of Lakes of Polish Coastal Zone – Roman Cieśliński ... 15 [summary]
  • Bacteriological Indicators of Pollution and Sanitary States of Długie Wigierskie Lake Water in the Presence of Cormorants (Phalocrocorax Carbo) – Hanna Wiśniewska, Stanisław Niewolak, Ewa Korzeniewska, Zofia Filipkowska ... 29 [summary]
  • Balance and Circulation of Nutrients in a Shallow Coastal Lake Gardno (North Poland) – Jan Trojanowski, Czesława Trojanowska ... 45 [summary]
  • Nitrogen and Phosphorus Compounds in Lake Pluszne – Jolanta Grochowska, Renata Tandyrak ... 59 [summary]
  • Estimation of Morphological Changes of the Odra River Valley in Meandering Sector between Chałupki and the Olza River Mouth after 1997 Flood – Robert Głowski, Robert Kasperek, Włodzimierz Parzonka, Mirosław Wiatkowski ... 67 [summary]
  • Determination of Chromium(VI) and Common Inorganic Anions in Industrial Wastewater by Means of Suppressed Ion Chromatography – Rajmund Michalski, Ewa Surowiec ... 75 [summary]
  • Comparative Evaluation of Calcium Feed Phosphate Production Methods Using Life Cycle Assessment – Zygmunt Kowalski, Joanna Kulczycka, Grzegorz Skowron, Agnieszka Sobczak ... 83 [summary]

vol 33 nr 2

  • Properties of Particulate Matter Emitted from Manufacturing of Ceramic Products – Jan Konieczyński, Bogusław Komosiński, Michał Żelechower ... 3 [summary]
  • Concentration Level and Surface Chemical Composition of Urban Airborne Particles Near Crossroads in Zabrze, Poland – Wioletta Rogula, Józef S. Pastuszka, Ewa Talik ... 23 [summary]
  • Potential of Saraca Indica Leaf Powder (SILP) for Chromium Removal from Aqueous Solution – Pritee Goyal, Parul Sharma, Shalini Srivastava, M.M. Srivastava ... 35 [summary]
  • Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption – Jadwiga Kaleta ... 45 [summary]
  • Surplus Activated Sludge Disintegration for Additional Nutrients Removal – Jan Suschka, Alicja Machnicka, Klaudiusz Grűbel ... 55 [summary]
  • Transformations of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Soil Planted with Willow Irrigated with Wastewater – Urszula Kotowska, Teresa Włodarczyk, Małgorzata Brzezińska ... 67 [summary]
  • Microbial Oxidation of the Mixed Pyrite Mill Tailings – Małgorzata Pacholewska ... 79 [summary]
  • Participation of Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria in Biodegradation of Organic Matter in Soils Contaminated With Petroleum Products – Dorota Wolicka, Andrzej Borkowski ... 93 [summary]

vol 33 nr 3

  • Ambient PM2.5 Related PAHs in Urban Areas – Katarzyna Ćwiklak, Wioleta Rogula, Halina Pyta ... 3 [summary]
  • Seasonal Variability of Concentrations of Total Suspended Particles (TSP) as Well as PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 Modes in Zabrze, Poland – Krzysztof Klejnowski, Andrzej Krasa, Wioletta Rogula ... 15 [summary]
  • Influence of the Gas Flow on the Efficiency of Electrostatic Precipitators – Beata Sładkowska-Rybka, Marian Sarna ... 29 [summary]
  • The Use of BMWP-PL Index for Assessment of Water Quality in the Lowland Liwiec River and Its Longest Tributaries (Central-Eastern Poland) – Małgorzata Korycińska, Elżbieta Królak ... 37 [summary]
  • Protection of Water from Infiltration of Alkaline Waste from the Górka Quarry – Zygmunt Kowalski, Ryszard Strzelecki, Przemysław Wolski, Joanna Kulczycka, Piotr Rudnicki, Agnieszka Sobczak ... 53 [summary]
  • Spatial Arrangement of Heavy Metals in the Dam-Reservoir Sediments in the Conditions of Anthropomixion – Maciej Kostecki, Eligiusz Kowalski ... 67 [summary]
  • Endocrine Disruptors – Ecotoxicological Assays – Maria Łebkowska, Monika Załęska-Radziwiłł ... 81 [summary]
  • Chemical Composition of Surface Layer of PM1, PM1–2.5, PM2.5–10 – Krzysztof Klejnowski, Ewa Talik, Józef Pastuszka, Wioletta Rogula, Andrzej Krasa ... 89 [summary]
  • Seasonal Changes of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Content in Soil Organic Horizons in Chosen Forest Sites of the Słowiński National Park – Jan Trojanowski, Agnieszka Parzych ... 97 [summary]

vol 33 nr 4

  • Air Contamination with Nitrogen Dioxide in the Vicinity of Gliwice Transport Routes before Opening the A4 Motorway Fragment Kleszczów – Gliwice – Magdalena Żak, Anna Loster, Barbara Kozielska, Edyta Melaniuk-Wolny ... 3 [summary]
  • Polychlorinated Dibenzodioxins and Dibenzofurans in Samples of Suspended Dust from Lublin – Aneta Duda, Jacek Czerwiński ... 17 [summary]
  • Trace Level Determination of Inorganic Anions and Cations in Water – Rajmund Michalski, Aleksandra Łyko ... 23 [summary]
  • Some Water Quality Indices in Small Watercourses in Urbanized Areas – Włodzimierz Rajda, Włodzimierz Kanownik ... 31 [summary]
  • Seasonal Changes in the Number of Some Physiological Groups of Heterotrophic Bacteria in Water, Soil and Plants of the Wetlands Near Olsztyn – Ewa Korzeniowska, Renata Brzozowska, Karolina Czechowska, Zofia Filipkowska, Stanisław Niewolak ... 39 [summary]
  • Dynamics of Changes in the Number of Selected Microorganism Groups in Sewage Sludge and in Manure Subject to Composting Process and in the Soil Enriched with Composts – Agnieszka Wolna-Maruwka, Jacek Czekała ... 53 [summary]
  • Application of a Probabilistic Method for Determination of the Thermal Field in a Flat-Plate Solar Collector – Alicja Siuta-Olcha ... 67 [summary]
  • Removal of Hazardous Air Impurities in the Framework of Implementing Cleaner Production Solutions at the Farmutil Company – Zygmunt Kowalski, Anna Maślanka, Ewa Surowiec ... 83 [summary]
  • Phitomicrobenthos of the Kłodzka Valley Rivers – Małgorzata Ostrowska, Kazimierz Ostrowski ... 97 [summary]
  • Contents of vol. 33 (2007) ... 103
  • Authors Index of vol. 33 (2007) ... 106

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