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vol 36 nr 1 [full text]

  • New Challenges in Air Quality and Climate Modeling – Katarzyna Juda-Rezler ... 3 [summary]
    • Integrated Assessment of Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases Mitigation in Europe – Janusz Cofała, Markus Amann, Willem Asman, Imrich Bertok, Chris Heyes, Lena Höglund-Isaksson, Zbigniew Klimont, Wolfgang Schöpp, Fabian Wagner ... 29 [summary]
    • Towards an Integrated Assessment of Environmental and Human Health Impact of the Energy Sector in Poland – Artur Wyrwa ... 41 [summary]
    • Fine-Resolution Modeling of Concentration and Deposition of Nitrogen and Sulphur Compounds for Poland – Application of the FRAME Model – Maciej Kryza, Marek Błaś, Anthony J. Dore, Mieczysław Sobik ... 49 [summary]
    • The Application of CALMET/CALPUFF Models in Air Quality Assessment System in Poland – Wojciech Trapp ... 63 [summary]
    • Mathematical Modeling of Heavy Gas Atmospheric Dispersion over Complex and Obstructed Terrain – Maria T. Markiewicz ... 81 [summary]
    • Impact of Airborne Particulate Matter on Human Health: An Assessment Framework to Estimate Exposure and Adverse Health Effects in Poland – Marko Tainio, Jaakko Kukkonen, Zbigniew Nahorski ... 95 [summary] , [pełny tekst]
    • Modeling Critical Loads of Airborne Acidity and Eutrophication of Polish Forest Ecosystems – The Sonox Model – Wojciech Mill, Adrian Schlama ... 117 [summary]
    • Advances in Modeling Methodology for Supporting Environmental Policy-Making – Marek Makowski ... 129 [summary]
    • Some Aspects of the Integrated Approach to Air Quality Management Based on Optimization Techniques – Piotr Holnicki ... 145 [summary]

vol 36 nr 2 [full text]

  • Emission of Airborne Fibers from Mechanically Impacted Non-Asbestos Fiber-Containing Materials: Preliminary Results – Józef S. Pastuszka...  3 [summary]
  • Influence of Type of Substrate and Water Chemistry on the Structure and Succession of Periphytic Ciliate Communities in Hypertrophic Lake – Tomasz Mieczan, Agnieszka Puk ... 13 [summary]
  • The Bayesian Model of the Interdependencies between Soil Sorption Features – Stanisław Gruszczyński ... 25 [summary]
  • Molasses as a Carbon Source for Denitrification – Dorota Kulikowska, Karolina Dudek ... 35 [summary]
  • Effect of Organic Fertilization on Development of Proteolytic Bacteria and Activity of Proteases in the Soil for Cultivation of Maize (Zea Mays L.) – Alicja Niewiadomska, Hanna Sulewska, Agnieszka Wolna-Maruwka, Justyna Klama ... 47 [summary]
  • Inactivation of Escherichia Coli during Composting Process of Organic Wastes with Sewage Sludge – Beata Szala, Zbigniew Paluszak ...  57 [summary]
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and TSP in the Upper Silesian Agglomeration, Poland – Krzysztof Klejnowski, Barbara Kozielska, Andrzej Krasa, Wioletta Rogula-Kozłowska ... 65 [summary]
  • Phenol Biodegradation by Pseudomonas Putida PCM2153 – Grzegorz Przybyłek, Sławomir Ciesielski ... 73 [summary]
  • Consequences of Water Engineering Projects in the Mokašnica River Basin (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Božo Soldo, Josip Mesec, Mladen Zelenika ... 79 [summary]
  • Variability of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Concentration and the Net Primary Production of Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea L. and Vaccinium Myrtillus L. in Chosen Woodland Ecosystems of the Słowiński National Park – Agnieszka Parzych, Zbigniew Sobisz, Jan Trojanowski ... 91 [summary]

vol 36 nr 3 [full text]

  • Removal of Direct Dyes from Wastewater by Sorption onto Smectite-Clay – Joanna Kyzioł-Komosińska, Czesława Rosik-Dulewska, Magdalena Pająk, Marcin Jarzyna [summary]
  • Biomass Yield in Porous Ceramic Carriers for Municipal Wastewater Treatment - Magdalena Zielińska, Irena Wojnowska-Baryła [summary]
  • Kinetics of Dairy Wastewater Treatment in the SBR System – Mariusz Wojnicz, Anna M. Anielak [summary]
  • Disinfection Byproducts Precursors Removal from Dam Reservoir Water – Jolanta Gumińska, Marcin Kłos, Anna Pawłowska [summary]
  • Landfill Leachate Treatment Using Constructed Wetland with Short Detention Time – Włodzimierz A. Wójcik [summary]
  • Ensuring Permeable Reactive Barrier Efficacy and Longevity – Tomasz Suponik [summary]
  • Observations of Selected Chemical Components of Meromictic Lake Zapadłe Waters in 1990–1993, 2000–2001 and 2005–2006 – Renata Tandyrak, Mariusz Teodorowicz, Jolanta Grochowska [summary]
  • Impact of the Small Water Reservoir Psurów on the Quality and Flows of the Prosna River – Mirosław Wiatkowski [summary]
  • The Influence of Urban Green Waste Compost on the Physical Quality of Soil Exposed to Erosion – Jan Paluszek [summary]
  • Pyrometallurgical Slags in Upper and Lower Silesia (Poland): From Environ¬mental Risks to Use of Slag-Based Products – A Review – Jakub Kierczak, Hubert Bril, Catherine Neel, Jacek Puziewicz [summary]
  • On-Site and Model Tests of Suspended Matter Sedimentation in Mine Water Settling Tank of the Ziemowit Coal Mine – Beata Jabłońska [summary]


vol 36 nr 4 [full text]

  • The Occurrence of Trace Elements in Flue Gases from Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers – Jan Konieczyński, Katarzyna Stec [summary]
  • Structure of Rotifer Communities of Restored Small Peat-Bog Resevoirs of Poleski National Park – Andrzej Demetraki-Paleolog, Monika Tarkowska-Kukuryk [summary]
  • Nitrogen Compounds in Well Water as a Factor of a Health Risk to the Maciejowice Commune Inhabitants – Jolanta Raczuk [summary]
  • PAH Soil Concentrations in the Vicinity of Charcoal Kilns in Bieszczady – Ewa Lisowska [summary]
  • Relations between Circulation and Winter Air Pollution in Polish Urban Areas – Jolanta Godłowska, Anna Monika Tomaszewska [summary]
  • Ventilation Control based on the CO2 and Aerosol Concentration and the Perceived Air Quality Measurements – a Case Study – Bernard Połednik, Marzenna Dudzińska [summary]
  • Sorption of Ibuprofen on Sediments from the Dobczyce (Southern Poland) Drinking Water Reservoir – Katarzyna Styszko, Katarzyna Sosonowska, Piotr Wojtanowicz, Janusz Gołaś, Jerzy Górecki, Mariusz Macherzyński [summary]
  • Organics (COD) Removal in dependence on loading of Volatile Fatty Acids (VFA) – Katarzyna Bernat, Irena Wojnowska-Baryła, Adriana Dobrzyńska [summary]
  • LCC Analysis of Rainwater Utilization System in Multi-Family Residential Buildings – Daniel Słyś, Tadeusz Bewszko [summary]
  • DGGE-based Monitoring of Bacterial Diversity in Activated Sludge Dealing with Wastewater Contaminated by Organic Petroleum Compounds –
    Aleksandra Ziembińska, Sławomir Ciesielski, Jarosław Wiszniowski [summary]


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