Recruitment to the Joint Doctoral School for the academic year 2022/2023 - Examinations for applicants.

  1. Recruitment to the Joint Doctoral School shall be carried out through a selection procedure under the conditions set out in the resolution of the Senate of the Silesian University of Technology of 31 January 2022. on the rules of recruitment to professional schools for training from the academic year 2022/2023.
  2. Recruitment will take place from 27 June 2022 in accordance with the relevant timetable.
  3. The registration of candidates and the submission of documents in electronic form will be done through the system IRK IT.
  4. The PhD thesis topics, filtered by scientific disciplines in the Joint Doctoral School, are available at The candidate selects the topic of the doctoral project for which he/she wishes to apply. Only one topic can be selected.
  5. Once the dissertation topic has been selected, the candidate should contact the promoter responsible for that topic by email to discuss the details of the project implementation and to obtain the promoter's declaration required at the time of recruitment.
  6. In justified cases, if the candidate cannot appear in person for the interview (especially in the current epidemic situation or in the case of foreign candidates), the interview will take place outside the university premises. In this case, the technologies of IT are used, which ensure control of the course of the interview and its registration.


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