Kamila Widziewicz-Rzońca

Kamila Widziewicz-Rzońca
PhD, Assistant Professor
+48 32 271 64 81, ext. 213
+48 664 138 349
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scientific interests:

Interests dr inż. Kamili Widziewicz-Rzońcy focuses on determining the causal factors and the impact of air pollution on public health by combining the science of air pollution, toxicology and epidemiology. The research group with which Dr. Eng. Widziewicz-Rzońca is one of the country's leaders in the field of information and research on the impact of air quality on health. The research results obtained in cooperation with the Institute of Air Protection of the Institute of Physical Education of the Polish Academy of Sciences constitute an overview of the evidence regarding potential health hazards related to air quality both in Poland and in Europe. The research of Dr. Widziewicz-Rzońca focused mainly on the toxicity of metals and organic compounds that are components of PM, as well as gas emissions from combustion engines, dust and smoke emissions from grill fuels and the identification of health markers of exposure (including carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic). In recent years, Dr. Widziewicz-Rzońca led two research projects aimed at: 1) determining the content of water in PM as a marker of its origin and changes in the atmosphere, and 2) determining the uncertainty in aerosol mass measurements due to the presence of atmospheric water.

The main areas of interest are:

  • Chemistry and physics of the atmosphere
  • Health effects of climate change and changing air quality trends
  • Time-space distributions of air pollutants
  • Air pollution variability due to meteorological parameters
  • Forecasting the spread of fine dust in the atmosphere
  • Health risk assessment as a result of dust and gas pollution
  • Occurrence of episodes of increased PM concentrations
  • Determination of trace metals in the air and their chemical speciation

private interests:

Privately, Dr. Kamila Widziewicz-Rzońca is interested in mountain climbing and sports climbing, as well as in literature on this topic.



Institute of Environmental Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Zabrze

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