Patrycja Rogula-Kopiec

Patrycja Rogula-Kopiec
PhD, Assistant Professor
+48 32 271 64 81, ext. 145
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scientific interests:

From the beginning of my professional work (2007) I deal with the subject of atmospheric aerosol properties.

 My research activity concerns three main issues:

  • the content of toxic components in PM in Poland;
  • the content of organic and elemental carbon in PM and their concentration in the air of Poland as well as research on the possibility of using this information to assess the origin of PM;
  • assessment of the possibility of using selected methods and statistical models to analyze data on the chemical composition of PM and the relationships between its shaping and air pollution (mainly by atmospheric dust).

The main area of ​​my research activity covers the phenomena and changes taking place in indoor suspended dust (PM).

As part of the research of non-production rooms, I determine, among others, the concentration of various dust fractions, particle size distribution, optical parameters and chemical composition of total and respirable dust collected in parallel inside and outside selected objects. These research elements can be considered unique in Poland and even in Central and Eastern Europe. The value of these data also lies in the possibility of their future use in the study of the impact of fine dust on the health of the population, including groups of employees of selected service sector plants, not only in Poland, but also in the world.

private interests:

  • home and family;
  • music and film;
  • travel and cuisine of the world;



Institute of Environmental Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Zabrze

41-819 Zabrze, ul. M. Skłodowskiej-Curie 34
tel.: +48 32 271 64 81
tel.: +48 32 271 70 40
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