History of the Department of Waste Management and Environmental Analysis

The plant has been operating under the present name since 2007. Its progenitor was the Laboratory of Research on the Impact of Industrialization on the Environment (1961-1978). In 1978, as a result of the reorganization of the Institute, the Laboratory was transformed into the Department of Research on the Impact of Pollutants on Plants, functioning until 1990. The name of the Department was changed several times: in 1991 - to the Department of Environmental Contamination, and in 2002 - to the Department of Earth Surface Protection.

Currently, the plant has 8 people. In recent years, 2 people have obtained the title of professor, 2 - the degree of habilitated doctor and 2 - the degree of doctor.

In the 60-year history of the Institute, the Department was managed by:prof. dr hab. S. Godzik, dr St. Karweta i prof. dr hab. inż. Cz. Rosik–Dulewska.


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