Maciej Kostecki

Maciej Kostecki
D.Sc., Associate Professor
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scientific interests:

Doctorate (Dr. hab.) in 2018 at the Lublin University of Technology after submitting the dissertation entitled: Rehabilitation of the Pławniowice anthropogenic water reservoir by the method of hypolimnion extraction - limnological study. WORKS & STUDIES - WORKS AND STUDIES IPIŚ PAN, No. 84, 1-222, 2014

I graduated in natural sciences from the Faculty of Water Protection against Pollution at the University of Agriculture and Technology in Olsztyn in October 1980. Title of the dissertation: "Limnological study of the Tresna reservoir from the point of view of progressive eutrophication". Supervisor: Prof. Dr. hab. Eng. Tadeusz Januszkiewicz, The reviewers of the thesis were: prof. dr hab. Eng. Andrzej Grossman from the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice and prof. dr hab. Eng. Antoni Tadajewski from the Agricultural University in Szczecin.

I graduated in 1969 from the Faculty of Animal Sciences - Department of Inland Fisheries, Faculty of Water Protection and Fisheries of the University of Agriculture in Olsztyn with a Master of Science degree in Fisheries Engineering in the field of water protection against pollution. "Hydrochemical studies on two selected lakes of the Legińska Group". I worked at the Department of Water Protection, under the scientific supervision of Prof. Dr. hab. Eng. Przemysław Olszewski.

My research interests focus on the protection of anthropogenic limnic ecosystems, which can also be called anthropogenic lakes. I study the functioning of anthropogenic water reservoirs under conditions of differential anthropogenic pressure. In particular, the effects of anthropopression and reclamation on reservoir heat-oxygen relations, describing the kinetics of processes within the reservoir - internal recharge, ammonification and denitrification - under new hydrological conditions resulting from changes in the method of water discharge from the reservoir, Evaluation of the effectiveness of the applied remediation method based on the balance of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds and demonstration of the onset of oligotrophication of the reservoir as a result of remediation and its impact on changes in selected water quality indicators over a long period of time. Recently, I have studied the temporal and spatial variability of the concentrations of speciation forms of phosphorus in the bottom sediments in relation to the granulometric structure with regard to the internal enrichment process.

private interests:

Private interests include literature, classical music, poetry, oil painting and photography. I like to grow bees and tomatoes. In my free time I go fishing and hunting.



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